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New Hair Concepts
Caring Touch
(previously known as New Man)

Caring Touch products are formulated to work with human and synthetic hair systems. 
CT Deep Cleansing Shampoo - 8 oz.

List Price:$6.50           Our Price:$5.50
CT Pro Cleaner - 8 oz.

List Price:$7. 00          Our Price:$6.00
CT Fragrance Free Enriched Conditioner - 8 oz.

List Price:$10.00          Our Price:$9.00
CT Light Conditioner - 8 oz.

List Price:$7.00          Our Price:$6.00
CT Finishing Spray - 8 oz. 

List Price:$8.00          Our Price:$7.00
CT Fragrance Free Spray Protectant - 4 oz.

List Price:$18.00          Our Price:$16.00
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