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Just live kids

"Providing wigs for kids with medically related hair loss."

We are excited to announce our participation in a brand new program called “Just Live Life: Kids!” We will be sponsoring 1 FREE Cyberhair wig per month to eligible kids with medically related hair loss! Why Cyberhair? Cyberhair is lightweight, durable, comfortable and natural looking.  It’s worry-free and it’s easy to keep it looking great – a must for active kids and busy parents. We want kids with medically related hair loss to have fun,  Run, jump, swim, play…Cyberhair is “playground tough” and lets kids “Just Live Life!” Who Qualifies? Any child under 18 with medically related hair loss may apply.  Children will be asked to submit an application and photo along with a diagnosis from their doctor.  Just Live Life: Kids could be a life-changing opportunity for any child with medically related hair loss.  Please share this program and help us reach as many children as possible.

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